Monday, March 12, 2012

Menu Plan 3/12/2012-3/16/2012

My scale is going wonky.
It seems to add weight every time it gets stepped on.  So, whoever weighs-in first in the morning gets the lowest read, whoever weighs-in last gets a not-so-accurate read.  This morning I was first, and it showed a drop of 3.2 pounds.  I am not sure if I should believe it though.  We are getting a new scale today.  We will get a new baseline weight tomorrow morning.  I mean, I want to do this right.  The thought of setting up a new baseline scares the crap out of me as to the mind game that could do.  UGH!  If I step on the new scale and the weight is higher...BOOOO!!!  I know Rosalie went through the same situation, but still...I will see tomorrow I guess!
Last week I did a really good job at not eating legal carby stuff at dinner-time.  We had some AMAZING salads that I am SO excited to have again.  I am not sure if I told you, but we are eating this way as an entire family.  The kiddos have been total troopers adjusting to it, and the hubby is kicking ass on his weight loss too!  This week though, I am adding in a few days of the legal carbs for dinner.  I find that if I can nip a craving in the butt before it gets too bad, it is a lot easier to stay in control and we are all happy campers.  The girls have been begging me for some kind of spaghetti dish.  I found some AWESOME High Fiber Pasta at Trader Joe's that is lower in carbs and higher in fiber than whole wheat pasta. 
So, here is my MENU PLAN for this week:

Spasagna (made with the Trader Joe's High Fiber Pasta), Caesar Salad

Hot Chicken Salad, Salad De Maison

Ranch House Crockpot Pork Chops, Mashed Cauliflower, Wedge Salad

Biltmore Pecan Chicken, Green Beans, Wild Rice Pilaf

Bacon Cheeseburger Salad, Baked Potato Wedges

What's on your menu for the week?


  1. Everything looks yummy! My scale does that too. I don't know what the deal is with it, because I am the only one that uses it. My husband is skinny:)
    I love the look of your blog!

  2. All your food looks great as always. You know I had to just eat the difference in my old scale and the new one when I got it. The new one was right. Sorry - have a great day :-)

  3. OMGsh this menu is mouth watering!!!!!!!! I am so excited to hear the whole fam is doing well on the diet! :)

  4. I actually wrote a blog post on that awhile back. The weight changed all the time and I'd move the scale around and it changed. Someone suggested a new battery as it was a digital scale. That worked!


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