Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hump Day Confessional 6/12/13

So, I am sure most of you know, the reason for my lack of posts lately is because of "the move".  I say "the move" like that because I hear it with dramatic, scary music in the background.   So, I will start with the good:
I love, love, LOVE our new house....but the building process was like birthin' a baby.  I was on a total and complete emotional rollercoaster for 6 months.  But the end result?  LOVE IT!

I pretty much want to make out with my front door!!
I love, love, LOVE my new kitchen!

I also want to make out with the AMAZING hardwood floors!
But "the move"....OHHH "the move".  I thought it would be so much easier since we were only moving 3 miles up the road, and we would have 2 weeks from close until the end of our lease.  I thought we would be able to take our time and it would be a easy.  HAH!  It all started when our movers double booked, so they were only able to get the truck loaded (with the big stuff), then go do their other jobs, then come back at 6:00pm and unload, then go back and grab the rest of the stuff we couldn't get by ourselves.  This left an ass-load of stuff that I was moving by myself for a week after I dropped the kids off at school and before I picked them up.  Then I spent a week deep cleaning the old house.  UGH!  Moving a six-person household is not for the faint of heart. Now, I am in unpacking hell.  I say unpacking hell because the packing ended up being so disorganized, the unpacking is taking FOREVER! 

So, onto confessions:

~I have been eating every meal outside on our back patio.  There is nothing like listening to the birds chirping while enjoying some coffee in the morning.  Now dinner on the other hand...not so relaxing, lol!  We haven't purchased our new outdoor table yet, so there are 6 of us in camp chairs squeezed around a cheap IKEA outdoor table while listening to the the remains of construction and the construction workers.  Nothing like the sounds of Mariachi music with an entire crew singing along, interrupted by the POW, POW, POW of the nail gun.  Ahhh, good times!

~My sweet blue-eyed baby graduated from Kindergarten this year.  I could go on and on about how time flies and it seemed like yesterday that I was teaching him how to walk.  While I do feel all those things, I am most struck by how bad I sucked as a mom at the end of the school year this year.  Going back to the whole "moving" situation, I was lucky to have been able to find clean clothes (mostly) to put on him and me for graduation.  Ignore the fact that he went weeks without me signing his homework folder, reading aloud, packing his lunch (don't worry, he bought it at the cafeteria), NOT showing up to volunteer when I was supposed to, showing up in carpool lane looking like a crazy woman and smelling like a goat, and showing up to his graduation with no balloons and prizes and sporting 3 inch roots. 

~I coached my daughters Volleyball team this season...the Hulkettes.  At first I was petrified to do it because (1) these wee ladies pack a powerful punch.  In 6th grade, they are jump serving and basically kicking the ass of anyone I played Volleyball with in school.  I mean, what could I teach them?!  (2)  I didn't want to be the fat coach whom the parents looked at and thought "what the hell is she having my kid do that she can't do herself" (3) Middle school girl drama makes me want to hurl.
However, all that fear and trepidation was for NOTHING!  We had a fabulous time and only lost 2 games for the season.  The girls and parents were AMAZING and we definitely had the most FUN of any team in the league, hence the green tongues and the GRRR face for our team pic.

~I made quilts for my nieces whom are stationed in Germany.  It is the closest I have been able to give them a hug.  The above picture is the WONDERFUL housewarming present by brother and sister-in-law sent to us from an artist in Germany.  Funny thing is, it says "Welcome to our Home", but "Rouse" (our last name) basically means "get the hell out".
OH, the confession part of this is how sucky I am at going to the post office.  I started these quilts back in took me until April to finish them...then, not until "the move" did I actually get my sorry ass to the post office.
Quilt for my new baby niece Harper <3

Quilt for my 8 year old niece Maddy, who loves Monster High and peace signs.

~Last but not least, I confess, that I feel like I have been eating like a ROCKSTAR the last few weeks (well, not the bloated, drunk, druggy type rock star)  Lots and lots of grilled meat, veggies, and salads.  Absolutely NO ice cream...yay!

Honey Lime Tilapia with Orange Cashew Rice

Hubs made homemade Beef Jerky

Cheater Migas with mushrooms


Oh well, yeah.  National Donut Day sucked me in.  But I only ate my 1 free donut, so yay for that :)

So, how have you all been??