Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hump-Day Confessional

photo courtesy of photo x.chng

I thought I would kick off this week sharing another live-stock fiasco...I have lots of those up my sleeve, lol!
I confess...When I was 15, I was riding in the car with my Mom.  It was a black night on a black road in the country.  We hit a black cow.  Hard.  It was like hitting a freaking brick wall going 55 mph.   It rolled up into the windshield, exploding it all over us.  Once I got out of the car, the cow started chasing me.  Let me just repeat that....The cow.  Was.  Freaking.  Chasing.  Me.  It wasn't dead, and it was pissed.  You can only imagine the cow jokes I had to endure for the remainder of my high school life.
I confess...The night we got into the cow accident, we were driving to my Mom's bakery.  My Mom owned the small town bakery, the Sweet Shop.  The decor was disgustingly pink, pink, and more pink.  I literally was the girl who had to get up and "Make the donuts".  I hated that job.  I think that is why I LOVE sleeping in and napping now.  Way too many early mornings in my childhood. 
I confess...I was a band geek.  Complete with 8 years of band camp (camper then counselor),  and flute playing, lol!  I played through college, but sold my instruments after.  I never thought that I would want to play again once I didn't have an audience to play for.  I was wrong.  I intend to get another instrument and play again once we get moved...of course, it has been 15 years, so we will see if I can still play.
I confess...I can't all.  Even my stick people look wonky.  It is a talent I desperately want though.  If I could draw, I would totally become a tattoo artist!
I confess...I look at the clock everyday at 11:11. 
Well, that's it for me this week  ;) 


  1. Too funny about the cow. You have had an interesting life!!

  2. WOW, a COW?! I can't believe it!!!!! That had to have scared the crap out of you!!!!!!

    I played the flute in 5th and 6th grade. I loved it!!!!!! Never went to band camp though. ;)

    Do you wish on 11:11?? I always do when I catch it!!!!! :)

  3. That is too funny about the cow thing. I'm sure it wasn't at the time though.
    I confess - we were way too poor for me to ever do activities in school. I never even went to a dance.
    I can't draw either, lets have a stick people draw off. haha

  4. I worked in the deli on the weekends, got there at 6 am. That was my high school life. I still have to get up early, because apparently my kids inherited the early gene. Yay me.

  5. I just found your blog OMG you are so dang funny! and I have only read a few days worth. But when I got to the part where you said I look at the clock everyday at 11:11 I had to write.. I do too! What's up with that? Is it a sign...
    OK back to reading...
    Crystal in Washington state


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