Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hump-Day Confessional

Ahhh, Wednesday.  Another Hump-Day.  Another Confessional.  Let's get to it, shall we?

I confess...I am exhausted.  This time change has thrown me for a loop.  My body is so attuned to the sun, getting up before it is even peeking out is just EXHAUSTING.  Bleck I say...B. L. E. C. K.  Stupid Spring Forward = tired Siggy = crabby Siggy.

I confess...I love naps.  I mean, I LOVE naps.  Napping is a hobby.  Napping makes me happy.  Sadly, I do not get to nap often.  My daughter C and I still talk about the best nap EVER...I was laying on the Love-Sac (giant 4 person type of bean bag thing) in front of the fireplace..and it was cold and dark out...and my sweeet C-girl snuggled up with me and we crashed.  Best.  Nap.  EVER.  Siesta = HAPPY Siggy!   

I confess...My floors are disgusting right now.  They need to be swept, Swiffered, Vacuumed, Mopped...all of it.  With 4 kids, an old-lady Chocolate Lab, and a spooky-bratty-teenage-boy kitty, let's just say, it isn't pretty.  My floors are continually littered with hair balls, some kind of glitter, Legos and other toys, fuzzy things that I am pretty sure were part of a stuffed animal that the above-mentioned spooky-bratty-teenage-boy kitty has attacked and made his bitch, pieces of the outdoors, and yet even more more dog/cat hair...UGH!  I can't keep up!  Groddy floors = crabby Siggy.

I confess...I should be purging, cleaning, dealing with my nasty floors, and packing today.  But I think I am going to play hooky with my sweet blue-eyed boy and go play.  Maybe a picnic at the park?  Maybe a walk around the lake?  Playing hooky to play = HAPPY Siggy!

I confess...I am getting slightly stressed about finding a house in Austin.  We have found two houses that we were super interested in only to find out they won't work for us.  We are moving in 45-ish days and I still don't have an address...EEK!  I am like a Super-Virgo and am somewhat of a control freak, so this is hard for go with the trust that things will work out.  Not knowing everything at the moment = stress = Crabby Siggy.

That's all I've got for you today!
Come on...cleanse the soul...what do you have to confess today?


  1. I love naps too! Falling asleep with my grandkids in my arms is true bliss for me!
    I hope you played hooky and enjoyed your day:)
    My hump day confession? I went to Zumba finally after about 3 weeks and my body hurts everywhere...literally everywhere! We are going to a movie today and I can't even move off the couch to go get ready:)

  2. I am a nap-aholic!!!! I take a nap most Saturdays and Sundays. I don't know what I'm going to do once I have kids?!

    If you saw my kitchen floor rigt now you'd probably die!! It's B-A-D!!!!!! You're not alone there!!!! ;)

    I wish I could have played hookie today!! School should be cancelled on days like today!!!!! :)

  3. I am tired too, but I am not a nap person - wish I was. Good luck on finding a house. Have a great day :-)

  4. LOL - you are funny!! My floors are bad, I need naps but don't get them, and Maybe we WILL play hooky tomorrow. LOL. Have a good one.

  5. Love the post Siggy! I'm not a napper, but maybe I should be! I confess to being addicted to my computer! Hugs to you from me!

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