Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hump Day Confessional

(((tap, tap, tap))) this thing on?
It has been a long time friends...a very long time.  I took an unexpected, extended sabbatical this summer.  After packing and moving cross country, staying in a hotel with 3 kids for a month, subsequent unpacking, birthday celebration month combined with back-to-school craziness....I just couldn't do anything more.
But, here I am...back with a confessional!

~ For my birthday last week, I went kayaking.  I have never been before.  I never thought that would be something I could/should do until I lost weight.  I mean, would I look like...a big gal on a tiny kayak.  Could I even get on and balance?  What would people think when they saw me?  What if I got out there and didn't have the strength to get back?  Guess what?  I DID IT!  I threw all of my concerns to the wind and DID IT!  I am tired of waiting for the "as soon as I...." excuse to start living my life.  I LOVED IT!  It is something I fully intend on doing again and again. 

~ I have some serious carpool lane rage.  Seeing that I am in carpool lane for about 2 hours a day, I get to observe MUCH jackass behavior.  It is a carpool lane, not a parking lot people!  It is NOT ok for you to race and cut in front of the whole lane just because someone isn't moving up as fast as you see fit.  I see red...seriously...why do you think YOU are so much more important than the hundreds of other people trying to pick-up or drop off their kidlets?!?!  AGHH!

~ For the first time in 11 years, I am alone during the day.  This has been a MUCH harder transition than I ever thought.  I know there are some Mom's who relish the day that they actually get some time to themselves.  However, at this moment I find that I am the Mom wandering around Super Target,  going oh so slowly, murmuring to myself with employees asking every 5 minutes if I need help finding something.  My oldest baby started middle school and my youngest baby started full day kindergarten.  (((sigh)))  It has hit me HARD how quickly time goes.

~ I have taken up watching re-runs of Beverly Hills 90210 during the day.

~ And, for the biggest confession...I have completely and totally fallen off the wagon.  I have spent the entire summer eating whatever I want.  I haven't stepped on a scale to see the damage, but just based on the tightness of shorts, I would say I am back where I started.  BLAH!  I know I need to get back on it, but I have a bad case of the "I'll start tomorrows"...